3) Confident Choleric

What's here to do?  I love to feel powerful.  Time to take some risks!

Go getter * Determined * Leader * Direct * Efficient * Energy * Effective
I'm gonna figure out this quick.  I got stuff to do!  At first, I might be really irritated if you tell me I'm a T3, but actually those makeovers are the best!

Girls who dress T3,  have some contrast to match deeper earth tone neutrals.

The Choleric Approach: you will read about type, but only if it's the bullet points.  You really like to take some action, do some experimentation, and once you're sure, you're gonna make changes!

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Not sure which you are? try The Personality Plus Profiler Test or Catholic Match Temperaments 
What do Cholerics wear? see hanger below

"In general—and of course generalizations have their limitations—teachers find the choleric students like action. If there is something to do—nails to hammer, boards to carry, a hole to be dug—they are ready. " source

"But if she does not meet success and encouragement, she will quickly become discouraged and lose interest." source

"When you find your choleric temperament out of control, take a warm lavender bath.  Lavendar cools and relaxes the body.  It reduces tension and inflammation.  As the tension dissipates, circulation improves..." read more

 WRIGHT Firelight (Divine Women)               


Choleric is the opposite of Phlegmatic
a part of you will be each of these girls, each of these 4 humors, at different times
one will seem the least like you, and eventually you'll realize 
one is the most like you that will be your dominant, and the next one your secondary

Type 3
Type 3 secondaries
Type 3 women online
Type 3 affirmations
Type 3 not so crass, not so brass

Star Wars or Star Trek? This site does some correlating of the Types and the Seasons (which is controversial).

3/1                                3/1                                         3/1


3/2                          3/4 but would be typed 3/2                3/2

Vermeer for Mellow Autumn              Lautrec for High Autumn             

3/2                                             3/2


3/4                        3/4                               3/4

Choleric Face Shape

From Astro-Type Face
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Donner's The Dynamic: down-to-earth, fast-paced, realistic, independent, determined, direct and productive, go-getters, salt of the earth, energetic, life-force, sense of purpose, career people, initiators, can be ruthless and dictatorial, or come on too strong, builders, leaders, directors, workaholics, feel deeply but show their compassion through action, love cooking esp. international cuisine with garlic/spice, love travel, their favorite pet is a big clumsy dog, business women, excel in service professions, often successful

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