Trying on T3

Type 3 and Tone III wear the earth color spectrum, but it's interesting that the deep autumn may bring in the secondary 4 with it's black again....

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Star Wars or Star Trek? This site does some correlating of the Types and the Seasons (which is controversial).

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 Choleric/Sanguine (DI T3/1 Warm Autumn?) The second strongest extrovert is an active and purposeful individual. She is almost fearless and has high levels of energy. Whatever her profession, her brain is always active and engaged. Her weaknesses combine the quick anger of the sanguine with the resentment of the choleric. She gets AND gives ulcers. She may leave people, including spouse and children, shell-shocked and resentful of their angry outbursts. (Choleric triangular face, Sanguine oval face) (Judy Collins, Eva Peron, Celine Dion, Mary Baker, Jessica Lange).

True Autumn: energized and organized in equal measure; sensitive, not sentimental, satisfied only with truth; deeply compassionate, generous, peace-loving, most accepting of others; natural and genuine; a purposeful fire, lived out in a measured cadence (Scaman) *if the four types translate into the 12 seasons

Jessica Lange in 3/1

 Choleric and Phlegmatic are opposites, opposite within you.

Choleric/Phlegmatic (DS T3/2 Soft Autumn?) is the most subdued of the outgoing temperaments. She is extremely capable in the long run though he may not impress you that way at first. He is organized and a good planner. She often gets more accomplished than other temperaments because she always thinks in terms of enlisting others to help him. Her weaknesses include a tendency to quietly harbor bitterness rather than letting it out like a chlormeg might. Acknowledging weaknesses is difficult for him and she tends to worry about her performance in life activities. (Choleric triangular face, Phlegmatic round face) (Lily Tomlin, Maria Montessori, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Zelda Fitzgerald)

Soft Autumn: mixture of Summer's kindness and Autumn's peaceful practicality; deeply warm-hearted and generous, love and support of family and friends is their highest calling; bond with natural world, nurturing emotional quality; job-oriented efficiency of Autumn and managerial and delegating skills of Summer; reflective Summer and honest Autumn, more likely to entertain abstract meditations in search for encompassing truths.  (Scaman)

Mischa Barton in 3/2

Choleric/Melancholic (DC T3/4 Deep Autumn?) The choleric/melancholy is very industrious and capable.  She is both industrious and detailed. She  combines verbal aggressiveness with sharp attention to detail. She i s very competitive and forceful. She can be autocratic and opinionated with work habits that keep after details until the job is completely finished. She finds interpersonal relationships difficult due to the hard-to-please nature of the choleric and the perfectionism nature of the melancholy. (Choleric triangular face, Melancholic square face) (Antoine de St. Exupery, Andrea Bocelli, Heather Locklear)

Dark Autumn: stately, exotic; dislikes vanity, blend of fearless queen and natural ruler; unpretentious, genuine and splendid; efficiency incarnate; if work is at hand, there's no time to waste; normally excellent sense of humor is suspended until the task is complete; imposing but undemanding, leader and loyal friend. (Scaman)

Natalie Portman in 3/4

Trying on: 
Type doesn't have to be animal prints only.