Trying on T2

Type 2 and Tone II wear grey and navy spectrum neutrals
 with tones (colors with grey added).

Want to try out Type 2 without investing too much? 
Try the Reinventing Your Wardrobe ideas


Star Wars or Star Trek? This site does some correlating of the Types and the Seasons (which is controversial).

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 Phlegmatic/Sanguine (SI T2/1 Light Summer?) is the easiest to get along with being congenial, happy, and people-oriented. They make excellent administrators and other jobs that involve getting along with people. She may lack motivation and discipline and may fall short of her true capabilities. She may "putter around" for years without making progress.  (Phlegmatic round face, Sanguine oval face) (Drew Barrymore)

Light Summer: kind, cheerful, sensitive, serene; easiest personality of all; deeply caring as any Summer, Spring's love of laughter; fair, reasonable, positive, perfect chairman or moderator; more peaceful than animated, adores alone time for reflection (Scaman*if the four types translate into the 12 seasons

Drew Barrymore in 2/1

Phlegmatic and Choleric are opposites, opposite within you.

Phlegmatic/Choleric (SD T2/3 Soft Summer?) This is the most active of the introverts but he'll never be a ball of fire. She can be an excellent counselor because he is an active listener. She is practical and helpful and patient. She may lack motivation and may become stubborn if threatened. She may also have a tendency toward being sedentary and passive. She needs to be around other people as she is externally motivated. (Phlegmatic round face, Choleric triangular face) (Bernadette Peters, Simone DeBeauvoir, Chelsea Clinton)

Soft Summer: combines Summer's care and self discipline with Autumn's determined efficiency; summer's soft toughness with autumn's straightforward delivery; no drama, no mischief, loads of common sense, calm and composed, well behaved, deeply giving; Summer's patience and kindness with Autumn's willingness to adapt to new ideas; gladly promoting causes they believe in, insist on truth, unthreatened by others, balancing love and boundaries. (Scaman).

Maggie Gyllenhaal in 2/3

You have the most contrast of the Type 2s, but not enough to be a Type 4.  But the soft/blended work may not work for you.

 Phlegmatic/Melancholic (SC T2/4 Cool Summer?) is gracious and quiet, does the proper thing and is dependable. She wobbles between patience and criticism and may tend toward negativism. They can be afraid of overextending themselves so may avoid involvement in a group. (Phlegmatic round face, Melancholic square face) (Mia Farrow, Laura Bush)

True Summer: decency, dignity, decorum; courteous, never presuming; gentility, breeding, tradition, ancestry; misconceived to be fragile, the courage, strength and persistence of this character are truly awesome; least likely to knowingly or intentionally hurt another being; endless capacity to tolerate and forgive; hands makes circular gestures; manicured fingernails and careful choice of polish. (Scaman)

Brooke Shields in 2/4

Trying on: 
Type 2 doesn't have to mean ruffles.