2) Peaceful Phlegmatic

Oh, I feel daydreamy.  I could just curl up and read for hours.  I love to think about how we are all so special, and to take care of my friends. 
Detail oriented * Steady * Peaceful * Caregiving * Nurturing * Connecting * Funny
 It may take me years to be sure of my type.  Don't push me (please).
Not sure which you are? try The Personality Plus Profiler Test or Catholic Match Temperaments  
What do Phlegmatics wear? see hanger below

The Phlegmatic approach: you probably love to read about type, especially about other people's experience you can relate to.  You may even enjoy journaling your experience..  How do you like to learn about type?
Take some time to reflect, try writing a Beauty Resume' (.odt) (.pdf)
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Most T2 girls have the least contrast (except for the 2/4). 

"The phlegmatic children are the most consistent... they do not like to be pressured or rushed. Like the tortoise in “The Tortoise and the Hare,” they can be slow, but steady... The phlegmatic children take care of their things. Unlike the choleric child, whose crayon case often looks like it has been in a battle and some of the crayons have been wounded or taken prisoner, the phlegmatic child’s crayon case generally looks like it is brand new." source

:They digest everything, from food to knowledge. They thrive on order, and are most comfortable in peaceful environments. These children are not apt to complain. They will take most things in stride, dealing with them in a systematic, orderly way... [S]he will choose board games over sports, and usually loves to read or think about things. Everything to do with food appeals to the phlegmatic child, from cooking to eating. This child also enjoys sleeping, and welcomes nap periods." source

When Phlegmatic peacefulness is out of balance "...life becomes ponderous, predictable, and flat with no excitement and little joy.  You can become dull and boring... In other words, it's time to wake up.  A lemon bath provides a therapeutic awakening of the nervous system and the senses.  Lemon captures the warmth and energy of the sun..." read more                                        Affirmations for Type 2

 WRIGHT Dreamlight (Divine Women)               

now go into your closet
Trying on: Type 2 Peaceful Phlegmatic

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Type 2 affirmations
Phlegmatic is the opposite of Choleric
a part of you will be each of these girls, each of these 4 humors, at different times
one will seem the least like you, and eventually you'll realize one is the most like you
that will be your dominant, and the next one your secondary

Star Wars or Star Trek? This site does some correlating of the Types and the Seasons (which is controversial).

2/1                     2/1                   2/1


Uma is an Iridescent Summer, they can also have red hair
2/3                     2/3                             2/3


2/4                       2/4                  2/4

These women might be 2/4

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Type 2 Peaceful Phlegmatic

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