1) Sunny Sanguine

Right now I'd love to explore.  Can we play dress up?  I need to try stuff out.
Quick thinker * Flexible * Idea generator * Social * Light, upbeat * Optimism * Encouraging

Roo is Sanguine (so is Tigger)

This is so fun! Friends, let's play.  Don't take this too seriously.  Just feel into what's right for you.  You'll know.  (Hey, those shoes are cute!) Look at all the possibilities (but don't get overwhelmed, you can always change it later)!

The Sanguine approach: you probably don't want to read about type, you want to experience your type, and you want a conversation in person or by Skype.  How do you like to learn about type?
Create paperdolls of the different types with your face, or order some photoshop paperdolls of yourself <3 
See some celebs in outfits, personality descriptions and secondaries  in Trying on T1
T1 girls have a warm brightness, mid contrast, to go with their light neutrals.   
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 Not sure which you are? try The Personality Plus Profiler Test or Catholic Match Temperaments  

 WRIGHT Morninglight (Divine Women)                     

"Sanguine children are ever so interested in their classmates.... They notice who is absent, who has had a haircut, and who has a new coat. They live strongly in their sense impressions, noticing and delighting in change."  source
"[Her] love for colors is not just aesthetic; he will use it to color coordinate various aspects of [her] life, from [her] wardrobe to his schedule. [S]he is aware and careful always of appearances, and will bring just the right addition to a room, or area of a room to transform it from the mere practical to the beautiful. " source

"When Sanguine is out of balance, it's time to get real.  The place to start is with a spruce bath.  Spruce has a dense, resinous aroma that grounds the senses and restores our intimate connection with our body and nervous system." read more

Type 1 Affirmations [play dress up]  

now go into your closet
Trying on: Type 1 Sunny Sanguine 

the Sanguine's opposite is the Melancholic
a part of you will be each of these girls, each of these 4 humors, at different times
one will seem the least like you, and eventually you'll realize one is the most like you
that will be your dominant, and the next one your secondary

Type 1
Type 1 secondaries
Type 1 women online
Type 1 affirmations
Type 1 more sophisticated
Type 1 gemstones

Star Wars or Star Trek? This site does some correlating of the Types and the Seasons (which is controversial).
                                                      1/2                     1/3 

1/2 probably types 1/3                               1/2


                          1/3 probably would be typed 3/1     1/4  blonde probably would get typed  4/1

               1/2                                         1/3                          

   1/3                       french landscapes for mischievious spring
probably would get typed 3/1


1/4 clear                                          1/4 clear

1/4 vital                                 1/4 vital
                                       1/4                     Mondrian for Vital Spring

See some celeb example outfits and 
personality descriptions  in Trying on T1
Sanguine Face Shapes
From Astro-Type Face
Reading eBook $5.00

Painterly Photoshops

Would you like me to photoshop you onto an art example?

Send me your picture and season you identify with.

Pay what it's worth to you

Donner's The Enthusiast: quick, imaginative, impulsive, makes friends easily, loving , affectionate, easy going, easily hurt, can be vindictive, keen, curious, inquisitive, constantly learning new skills, good as sales, good sense of humor, love of beauty, artistic, sports (esp. fast moving), like entertaining, sometimes perfectionists, weakness for ruffles and knick-knacks, nature lovers


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