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Type 1 and Tone I etc. wear bright tints (light colors that reflect light) mainly together with other tints, or with light neutrals.   They probably wouldn't wear the navy, black or charcoal below.   But this could have to do with how to express your secondary, for example clear spring 1/4 might bring in winter's black...

Want to try out Type 1 without investing too much? 


Star Wars or Star Trek? This site does some correlating of the Types and the Seasons (which is controversial).

This image is about the variety of neutrals in the 12 Season system, but it gives us a few possible clues about your secondary in the four types.

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Sanguine/Phlegmatic see also (IS T1/2 Light Spring?) The overpowering outgoing nature of the sanguine is tempered by the gracious phlegmatic. These are extremely happy and carefree individuals who live to help people. They would not purposely hurt anyone but they must fight a lack of workplace motivation - they would rather visit than work. (Sanguine oval face, Phlegmatic circular face) (Cybill Sheppard, Maria von Trapp, Rosemary Clooney)

Light Spring: Spring's wit and happiness with Summer's empathy, exudes personal charm; no topic of conversation fails to absorb them, sincerely interested and considerate; curious and adventurous, here to share a smile, a cup of tea, and wander through the garden; Spring's easily going vitality and Summer's aversion to haste means they take their time; optimism, knowledge pleasure can be free and joy for its own sake is why they are here. (Scaman) *if the four types translate into the 12 seasons

Lauren Ambrose in 1/2

 Sanguine/Choleric (see also) (ID T1/3 Warm Spring?) is the strongest extrovert of all the blends because both primary types are extroverted. They are people-oriented and enthusiastic but with the resolutions of the choleric tempering the lack of organization of the Sanguine. She is almost always asports enthusiast and is ideal in sales. She can talk too much and can be obnoxious if threatened. The forgetfulness of the sanguine and the caustic nature of the choleric may make them hurtful without realizing it. (Sanguine oval face, Choleric triangular face) (Ethel Kennedy, Kathie Lee Gifford, Zara Phillips, Shirley Temple Black, Fred Astaire).

True Spring: loves to have fun, enjoys life as curiosity, freedom and pleasure; with unreserved thanksgiving for life they light up the room; only short pensive or prickly periods; movements are languid and laid back; quick to react - play, rejoice, tear or flare; random quality; will insert a joke, smile, funny story or offer of friendship to lift spirits; always positive. (Scaman)

Kathie Lee Gifford in 1/3

Sanguine and Melancholic are opposites, opposites within you!

 Sanguine/Melancholic (IC T1/4 Bright Spring?) are highly emotional people whose moods can fluctuate from highs to lows and back again quickly. The sanguine outgoing nature often allows the melancholy's critical nature "out" too easily. It is very easy for a sanmel to "get down" on themselves and, to realize their potential, it is best if they work with others. (Sanguine oval face, Melancholic square face)  (Barbara Walters, Vivien Leigh, Woody Allen)

Bright Spring: stardust, less infinite supremacy and more magical finesse; late blizzard and sparkle of sunlight on newly fallen snow; Spring's love of life and laughter radiate as clearly as their colors; controlled, as Winter always is, but far less controlled than Bright Winter; can be delicate as frozen lace, their energy is contained, decided and willful; playful, fun, funny, loves to talk, but Winter control keeps the speach and actions clipped and precise; very different from true spring's randomness. (Scaman)

Audrey Taotou dresses 1/4

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Trying on: 

Type 1 doesn't have to be all about polka dots and appear ditsy.

"I've been looking and re-looking at the posts on type 1 more sophisticated and I realized that i used to own (or still do at the back of the wardrobe) many of those styles and BFF said she thinks I hit a bad patch during my time with my now ex and retreated into many dusty colours that echoed how I felt inside...your blog and your work on here has helped me remember who I am and there's not enough thanks for that..." Samantha